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River Sparkles - Sold

Redtail Canyon - Sold

Garden Hues - Sold

Bush Baby

Colors of Royalty - Sold

Woody, Ferns, Moss - Sold

Hidden Haven

Edge of Evening - Sold

Grey Day Cardinal - Sold

Fall Bounty - Sold

Barbs and Bobwhites - Sold

Hues of October - Sold

Sky Dancing - Sold

Shadowed Shelter - Sold

Crown of Kilimanjaro

Spirits - Sold

Lovey - Sold

Triple Trouble - Sold

Forest Dweller - Sold

Klippy - Sold

A Good Talking To - Sold

Old Homestead
- Sold

Kiss of Last Light
- Sold

Morning Run
- Sold

Crimson Breasted Shrike
- Sold

Little Bluestem and Scissortail
- Sold

No Marge, Your Other Left
- Sold

Hatari - Naja Haje - Sold

Wet and Wild

Evening Dusting

African High Rise - Sold

Gray Day

Tanglewood -
- Sold

Tanglewood -
- Sold

Tanglewood -
Grey-Headed Kingfisher
- Sold

Rock Star - Sold

Barbet and Termite Mound

Shades of White and Light - Sold

SHADOWS - Maasai Morani

The Perch - Sold

Distant Thunder - Sold

A Touch of Crimson - Sold

African Gem

Colors of Evening - Sold

Crane Pause

Love Bite - Sold

Gerenuk Study - Sold

Heat of the Day

High Rise View

Love Bird Siesta - Sold

The Watcher

Wait Up Mom!

Portrait of a Serval - Sold

Eye of the Beholder - Sold

Superb, Superb Starling - Sold

Takeoff - Sold

On the Run - Sold

Dappled Spots - Sold

A Touch of Green - Sold

Base of Baobab - Sold

Dust and Stripes - Sold

Costa's - Sold

Whispers of Yesterday - Sold

A Touch of Red - Sold

Blue Headed Cordon Bleu Finch

Saddle Billed Stork Study

Tree Hugger

Roller Rest

Roller Study II - Sold

Country Western Song - Sold

Magpie and Old Homestead - Sold

Striking a Pose

Eyes on You

Cougar Portrait

Window to the Soul - Sold

Foal Morning - Sold

Wistful Gaze - Sold

Bit of Sun

Sun Seeker - Sold

Into the Light

The Last Embrace 
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Jan's originals are usually acrylic on canvas, but may be acrylic on panel.

They come framed with high end and custom made original frames. If you want to know how a particular piece is framed exactly, please contact the artist for further information.

Colors may vary slightly from what is shown in these images, and details may be more sharp in the originals. We can send any original on approval with a credit card.

Commissions are accepted on wildlife subjects only (no people or pets). Discussions between the artist and client will determine subject, time of year, size, etc. Jan will use any photos the client would like to supply, but will also draw upon her own expertise and experiences. Please call for further information and references.




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